Beloved Place
Beloved Place!
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    Afgesloten Hof

    Beautiful Place

    Beloved Court

    Beloved Daughter

    Beloved Garden

    Beloved Place

    Beloved Woman

    Bride of Christ

    Daughter of Christ

    Deserted Place

    Desolate Place

    God's garden

    Holy Place


    Lonely PLace

    Lovely Garden


    Resting Place

    Rose of Love

    Prince of Peace


    Tuin van God







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Sing to the Well!




Sing to the Well!


Come, eat, eat the bread of life the word of God --

Dip your rod in my honey

Place the sweetness of my word in your mouth

That you may be awake with your eyes open

Your love for me kept strong and alive to sing

Sing thru the watches of the night.

Sing, Sing to the well!

Sing though you are thirsty, though you are dry

Though it is dark so dark thru the watches of the night

Sing even when no water is in sight

Let the rivers flow

Living water, streams from the Rock

Sing, Sing to the Rock!

Let His words spring forth

Striking the earth with the rod of His mouth

Sing, Sing to the well!

See the waters rise

Abundant drink supernaturally given Come!

Whoever is thirsty,

let him come Sing, Sing to the well!

Drink from the Rock

The Rock, the Christ

Take the free gift of The water of life.


Karen Holland


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